Learn Microsoft Excel with this Excel video tutorial for beginners

If you’re new to using Office (or just rusty), this is a bundle that also comes with 106 lessons and seven hours of content to learn how to use Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel more effectively. After buying, your license keys and download links will be emailed and ready to install. With lifetime access, you can learn at your own pace, where you want, when you want. Each course is normally valued at $25, but you can now get all of them at a fraction of the price. CNET is always covering a wide array of deals on tech products and much more. Sign up for the CNET Deals Text to get daily deals sent straight to your phone.

This 2024 Ultimate Microsoft Excel Training Bundle offers over 800 lessons within 16 courses. You will learn skills to create dashboards and data visualizations, master macros and VBA, become proficient at Power BI, Power Query, Power Pivot, and DAX and so much more. By the end of this course you’ll be speaking the language with proficiency. You don’t have to convince your administration to buy another expensive program. You don’t have to write any new assignments or figure out how to grade it.


Add the free CNET Shopping extension to your browser for real-time price comparisons and cash-back offers. And peruse our gift guide, which includes a full range of ideas for birthdays, anniversaries and more. The course exercise and instructor demo files consist of 2 .ZIP files. Once unzipped, all of the exercise and instructor demo files will reside in individual folders.

Welcome to the full bundle of my new Excel 2019 Video Tutorial Lessons! This bundle contains lessons all 8 lessons in my 8 part series and includes all files needed to complete the unit. This bundle will save you money if you get it instead of getting the bundles separately. These tutorials can serve as a time-saver in terms of shortcuts and help users craft better resumes and presentations. The courses on Excel alone will open up the data analysis possibilities of this data-crunching powerhouse and be a great help in many IT careers.

Working with Data

1-3 is designed to teach the most common features in Excel for daily use. Lessons 4-6 focuses on the MOS certification, going deeper into Excel and covering the “weird” things most likely to be seen on the MOS exam. Lessons 7-8 have more expert features, designed to go beyond the MOS test for your most advanced students. Students who complete all lessons are likely to pass the Expert test, particularly when paired with a few GMetrix practice tests.

Microsoft Excel 2019 Lessons

Understand how dates work in Excel using the TODAY, YEAR, MONTH, DAY and DATE functions. Learn to break apart text with the LEFT, RIGHT, MID, FIND and SEARCH functions, and to combine text with the & character. Learn to build standalone logical Microsoft Excel 2019 Lessons IF functions, and make them more complex by nesting AND and OR within them. Format cells by selecting fonts and color fills to make information more attractive. Utilize the keyboard or mouse to select cells and ranges in a spreadsheet.

Ready to watch the complete course?

Slower students can go at their own pace as well, with a teacher more free to spend time with them as needed. The solution videos included are another way of making the lessons simpler for slower students who need more scaffolding. These lessons are designed to be used in a blended learning format, where students learn at the own pace. The teacher acts as more of a guide to help students who get stuck or need additional one-on-one help, but students are responsible for their own learning and pacing. What makes this deal even more attractive is a boot camp that ensures users get the most out of these tools. More than 100 lessons serve as a walkthrough of the best features of programs like PowerPoint and Word, showing users how first to navigate the interface and then explore more advanced features.

In today’s lesson, we’ll explore in detail how to create all three types of Sparklines, as well as formatting options for each. By the end of the lesson, you’ll have the skills to create dashboard-like mini charts sure to make you the envy of your office. Just like charting, Excel’s PivotTables are too big a topic to fit into one lesson. So, today, we’ll take PivotTables to the next level by taking a tour through some of Excel’s more advanced techniques. You’ll learn how quick and easy it is to group your data to give your PivotTable even more power.

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